Great Lakes Gospel Studio

Recording Studio Time:  $30 per hour.

We usually estimate about five to seven hours per song to record original soundtracks, vocals, background vocals, editing, tuning, and mixing.

Discounts can be arranged if you record with pre-recorded soundtracks that you already have, or if you are doing an  album with very simple instrumentation. Additional musicians from our roster of talent can be added for additional charges (see price listings for this farther down).

Mastering: $50 per song.

Mastering is the last step in the production to get your music to sound professional. It makes your little recording sound like a big one. It generally includes: final EQ and compression, stereo widening, dither, boosting volume to commercial levels, and some additional advanced tweaks.

PLEASE NOTE THAT MASTERING IS NOT OPTIONAL!  Unmastered music does not translate well outside of a studio setting, and we will not release unmastered music for the sake of quality control.

Custom Soundtracks:

$50.00  - Piano only

$120.00  - Full band (up to five instruments) including: Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Keyboard Orchestrations, Organ, Synths.  This price includes light mastering.

Additional musicians for track overdubs:

Mark Forester (various instruments, arranging, mixing, etc)

Call for details

Keith Barkley: 

$125 per song (full band rhythm tracks), or 5 for $500.

$125 per song for orchestrations, or 5 songs for $500.

Rob Mills:

Call for details

Eli Fortner:

$50 per song

Rob Novell:

$25 per instrument, per song.

$50-$75 per song for orchestrations.

$250 for live string or brass section.

David Johnson 

Available for steel guitar, fiddle, harmonica, dobro, and pedal steel 

for $50 per song.

(Not each.....all of those can be added to a single track for only $50 per song!!) 

Live String/Brass Orchestrations:      Violin and Viola can be added to your song in multiple parts and overdubs (usually 18 or more tracks) for only $120.  This is done in St. Petersburg, Russia by a fantastic violin team we work with.  Cello can be added to that for an additional $60.   This is an amazing value, and the quality is first rate!

CD Duplication: 
 This is handled by our partners at Moonlight Duplication Studio in Burton, MI. They offer two types of packaging: The traditional plastic jewel cases, or the newer (and very popular) cardboard sleeves.

 What we do is have you purchase your print up front, (minimum of 500 pieces of print or more at a time) then you can order as many CDs as you want packaged at a time. They will print the disc, duplicate, package and shrink wrap it. You can order as few as 50 at a time! No need to have 1000 CDs on the shelf. Order as needed. Of course, if you need a big
order, they can do that. They recently did an order of 35,000 CDs for one customer! They can do it all!

Traditional Cases Print Cost:    $125 for 1000 inserts and tray cards.

Duplication and Packaging:   $1.35 each  (minimum order of 50).

Cardboard Sleeves Print Cost:    $320 for 1000 sleeves.

Duplication and Packaging:   $0.95 each  (minimum order of 50).