Great Lakes Gospel Studio

At Great Lakes Gospel Studio, we are blessed to work and partner with some incredibly talented musicians and producers, each with many years of experience behind them. Each one has special gifts, talents, and ideas that can be utilized to make unique-sounding recordings at a highly professional level. Each person is passionate about serving our Lord through music, and you can tell it on the final product!

Stephen Forester

Stephen is the founder and owner of Great Lakes Gospel Studio. He produces and engineers each session, and his attention to details helps to make each recording the best it can be.

Stephen has studied music formally since age 9. He studied music in college, and has been a regular student at special Christian music conferences for years. 

 Stephen plays piano, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drum programming, ocarina, organ, strings, and sings background vocals. He also does most of the graphic design work at GLGS.

Mark Forester

Mark is a full-time studio musician and producer, and has done over 500 recordings in his career. Mark's skills are well-known all over Michigan, and other states as well. He plays many different instruments including piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitars,  drums, harmonica, dobro, and others. He also has an incredible ear for arranging harmonies.

Mark's expertise and years of experience can be called upon for arranging, playing, mixing, BGVs, or just about anything else if needed.  

Eli Fortner

Eli travels and sings/plays guitar professionally with his family group, McKamey Legacy.  When he is not traveling, he is often in his studio laying down incredible guitar and drum tracks for various customers. He is an extremely versatile musician, and can play a variety of guitar styles and sounds for a very modest fee.

Rob Novell

Rob is one of the finest bass guitar players you will ever hear, but he is a man with countless other skills as well!

He has produced and played on countless sessions for local, regional, and national-level artists.

Rob also plays piano, drums, guitar, mandolin, keyboard orchestrations, and writes for live orchestrations. Rob's skills are available for hire for a modest fee.

Rob Mills

If you need a "picker", Rob is your man! Rob Mills has played on countless sessions for over 30 years, and he knows how to bring out the very best in a stringed instrument! He can play acoustic and electric guitars, bass, fiddle, mandolin, and more. He is right at home with southern, country, and bluegrass gospel music, as well as hymns. Rob's skills are truly hard to beat anywhere! He can be hired for a modest fee.

Paul Thompson

When it comes to mastering, NOBODY is better than the great Paul Thompson! He has professionally mastered countless recordings for many years, and his expert work shines on every one of them! He can take your recording to the next level and make it sound better than you ever thought possible!

Keith Barkley

Keith is the owner of Cherith Music Group, a Christian recording label based in Stamping Ground, KY.  Keith formerly worked at Crossroads Recording Studios, and has played on countless sessions at a variety of studios. 

Keith can play various instruments in a variety of styles, but he REALLY shines when playing upbeat, old-time gospel piano. This is a style that has to be "caught", rather than taught.....and he has it!

David Johnson

David is one of the most in-demand studio musicians in all of Christian music. He plays regularly at Crossroads Studios in NC, and also does lots of freelance work. He plays a variety of styles, and can play just as many instruments including: harmonica, guitars, bass, fiddle, pedal steel, and more!

He can add incredible professionalism to your recordings for a very modest fee.

Maria Grigoryeva

Maria contracts with us from St. Petersburg, Russia. She is available for hire on all of the projects we work on. She plays Violin, Viola and Cello. She is the ultimate professional and her playing is superb. her impressive music credits range from prestigious orchestras, to film and video game music scores. She is amazing!

Best of all, she is available for an amazingly reasonable price. You will never find better-sounding string recordings for less!