Great Lakes Gospel Studio

"I highly recommend Great Lakes Gospel Studio to anyone that has ever dreamed of having their own, professionally produced CD. They do a GREAT job."

- Pastor Jerry Boritzki, sponsor for our customer, Chase Smith.

"Stephen did an outstanding job in all areas of this process! He was very patient with me, and pushed me to do my best, so I would have a CD that I would be proud to pass on to others! His knowledge of music was a great asset while we recorded, as he could help me through different areas where I struggled. He also didn't need days upon days to come up with various arrangements for the accompaniments. We would record my guitar, then he would come up with a great piano part right there in about 5-15 minutes. They all exceeded my expectations!

His patience was greatly appreciated (and needed) throughout the recording process! We had a huge time constraint (due to my traveling schedule), so we did ten songs in two days! Needless to say my brain was tired, but Stephen still encouraged me to do my best and didn't let any vocal errors slip.

Stephen filled in some extra tracks on all the songs expect for one. He did the mixing and fine tuning for me also, and did an excellent job!

This CD has been a huge blessing, from the recording process all the way to passing them out! So many people have told me that they really enjoy this CD, and that wouldn't be the case had I gone to someone that didn't have the experience that he has. I highly recommend having Stephen and GLGS do your next CD!"

- Chase Smith, soloist & missionary to Lithuania

"We would like to give a big shout out to Stephen Forester of Great Lake Lakes Gospel Studio for making this recording in a very relaxed setting. We had a great time, and the Foresters are some of the nicest people you could meet. Thank you brother Stephen for your patience and kindness during the recording. My experience was relaxing and full of Jesus. It was a great experience and I'll be back. Anybody looking to cut a CD, THIS IS THE MAN YOU WANT TO TALK TO! You won't be sorry. Thanks again guys and God bless!"

-"Blest Ellen" Burke, soloist from Sturgis, MI.   

"On behalf of Stronghold Quartet, I want to thank you for the awesome experience we had recording our project at Great Lakes Gospel Studio. The knowledge you possess, along with the state of the art recording features, resulted in an outstanding project that we are thrilled to unveil. From concept to final product, you did it all! We will be back for future projects. Thank you!"

- Jim Kitchen, baritone/lead singer for Stronghold Quartet

"I just listened to my latest project that I recorded at Great Lakes Gospel Studio. WOW!!! Stephen worked very dilligently to get me the sound I was looking for.  He is a Godly man that gives his best to help you get what you want in your recording.

I highly recommend anyone looking to record to contact him. You won't be disappointed!"

-Vickie Atchinson, soloist from Bay City, MI.

"I had the pleasure of dealing with Great Lakes Gospel Studio when I felt the need to add a musical background to the video presentation we created for YouTube to showcase my church’s positive impact upon the community. Our small group of singers had tried several modes of recording, none of which had decent sound quality, so I spoke to Stephen about arranging a recording session. He set up an appointment for us, and created a piano track beforehand. Stephen directed the group, coordinated the musical score with the singers, and helped us with timing and rhythm, all the while displaying patience and good humor. The finished product arrived at my desktop within two weeks, all polished and sounding as though a full choir performed the singing. Thank you, Great Lakes Gospel Studio, for your professionalism and timely production of our otherwise amateur effort – you made us sound great!"

- Rose M. Bledsoe,  Community United Methodist Church  (Standish, Michigan)

"Working with Great Lakes Gospel Studio was an amazing experience! The attention to detail and personal style that Stephen gives to each song is wonderful!"

- Grace Arnswald, soloist from Presque Isle, WI.

"Stephen Forester has a great operation. Quality guy and quality music. I appreciate his work and integrity."

- Kasey Kemp, baritone/manager with Avenue Trio.

"My brother Stephen works very hard at his craft. Great, quality place."

- Mark Forester, Owner/Producer/Musician at Moonlight Studio (Burton, MI).

"Having been in studios across the land, I was duly impressed with Stephen Forester's "Great Lakes Gospel Studio" in Lapeer, MI.  Not only does he have many instruments to choose from, a great recording platform, and a stunning Yamaha keyboard, he has the abilities to use each with absolute professionalism and ease.

Mixing the instruments and vocals to get just the right sound might be one of the most difficult things any producer has to do, and Great Lakes Gospel Studio does it RIGHT every time, on time.

You will not be disappointed with your album, your song, or even just a soundtrack or two. I couldn't be happier with my latest CD!"

- John Denner, full-time traveling pianist/singer/studio musician

"If you're wanting a GREAT CD, Stephen & John (Denner) are the ones you'll want to trust with your recording needs. Call them today and be blessed."

- Don Paff, singer/songwriter from  Indianapolis, IN.